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About Delta Pikin Initiative

Delta Pikin Initiative is a non government organisation primarily aimed at promoting child/rural education, advocating for child rights, social ammenities for rural schools & empowerment of rural women through skill acquisition training.

The Organisation is committed towards improving the quality of life and creating a healthy environment for children and women in rural communities. We do whatever it takes to make them survive, thrive and fulfil their goals.

Delta Pikin Initiative believe that educating all children is crucial to reducing poverty and increasing individual well-being that’s why we ensures they are educated, protected and provided with all the basic necessities that boost, enhance and harness child education at the elementary level. We are working to ensure that children and women in rural communities are not completely ignored and neglected by creating interventions through various projects .

The organisation advocates only for women, children, girls, less fortunate, orphans, and aged. We bring lifesaving help and hope to children and families and defend their lives and future. We also provide educational materials and psychosocial support to primary school children across Africa, starting from Delta State , Nigeria cutting across all local government areas which number of out-of-school children in the world (10.5million).

With the Head Office in Lagos and the Branch Office in Warri, Delta State, it was incepted on the beliefs that “with one child at a time we can do more and reach out to more communities.” the Organisation focuses on working with communities, private firms and bodies, organisation and governmental bodies.

The organisation started off as Delta Pikin Initiative in March 10th 2016 by Blessing Erhuvwu Enyamuke a Performing Artist / All round Entrepreneur before it was legally registered on the 6th day of December 2017 under the name Beetasha Inspired Education and Empowerment Foundation. The organisation therefore retained the name Delta Pikin Initiative as an off shoot for the mother organisation.

Our Motto:

Inspire, Educate and Empower

Our Core Values:

Compassion, Selflessness, Transparency and Integrity

Thematic Areas

- Child/rural Education
- Child rights/Advocacy
- Social Ammenties for Rural Schools
- Rural women empowerment
- Entrepreneurship

Our Vision Statement

To create a world where children and women can strive.

Our Mission Statement

To play sustainable roles that will contribute towards the growth and development of children and women in rural communities.

Long Term Goal

To own a "BeeInspired Centre" where children & women can have free access to shelter, food, water, healthcare, quality education and skill building etc.