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Delta Pikin School Initiative (DPSI) Project 2022 Supported by Hillary Neots Foundation

By: Admin >> 24/02/2022

The 2022 School project (DPSI) is supported by Hilary Neots Foundation, a non governmental organization based in Lagos State that supports education, youth social change and inclusion work for the social development and integration of underprivileged individuals, suffering from drug abuse, groups and local communities in Nigeria.

The 2022 School project which was held on the 22nd day of February provided 500 primary school children from Egbele Primary School Ogiedi, Elume Sapele LGA Delta State, Nigeria with educational materials.

Such as School Uniforms, Bags, Sandals, Textbooks, Notebooks and Stationaries etc all aimed at harnessing the elementary level of every child, promoting child/rural education, child right, enhancing learning process, growth and academic gains and creating an healthy and conducive learning environment

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